From Avionics to Ground and Naval Systems, Amphenol's Integrated Systems solutions are found aboard commercial airliners, helicopters, Navy and Air Force Fighters, C41 electronics, missiles, ground vehicles, Homeland Security Systems, and Navy warships around the world.

Amphenol Integrated Systems tackles problems such as PWB routing, signal integrity, mechanical robustness, and thermal reliability concurrently rather than independently by value-added applications engineering support. Solving complex packaging challenges depends on making sure that environmental, mechanical, and electrical factors are all addressed at the system-level. By taking this system-level perspective and focusing on these factors, Amphenol Integrated Systems is able to meet your program's most challenging packaging requirements. We are an extension of your design team, providing expert design and applications engineering assistance every step of the way to ensure program success. This is a perspective that other connector, board, and backplane assembly suppliers cannot match.




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